Elite Paloumé signs Operation Clean Sweep®

PlasticsEurope and the Port of Antwerp welcome the signing of Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) by Elite Paloumé, the first European freight forwarder.

At the ACI Polyolefins Conference in Antwerp, the Port of Antwerp and leading international chemical groups discuss future innovations in material technologies and circular economy. During the conference, Elite Paloumé signed Operation Clean Sweep®, as the first freight forwarder in Europe. Elite Paloumé ‘s CEO, Emanuel Avermaete, phrases it as follows: “I fully stand by the commitment asked in the Operation Clean Sweep pledge. It is important to prevent the loss of resin pellets into the environment. All actors involved in handling pellets should contribute to help preserve our environment”.
As international freight forwarder, Elite Paloumé is responsible for the supervision and selection of contractors in this supply chain. It is part of the global freight forwarding group Elite, with EU regional headquarters in Antwerp.

From left to right: Eric de Deckere (Port of Antwerp), Jean-Pierre Swinnen (Elite), Emanuel Avermaete (Elite), Jérémy Fouriau (PlasticsEurope).
OCS, an international programme designed to prevent and help keep plastic litter materials out of the marine environment, is an industry-led initiative hosted in Europe by PlasticsEurope. Port of Antwerp is Europe’s leading port in new materials.