Manual and tools

To assist the implementation of Operation Clean Sweep® and to create effective pellet containment measures, you find here a number of tools like the manual and checklists.

The manual provides an insight how to set up, review and improve existing environmental protection and safety measures under the light of pellet loss. You may want to use it as a starting point and to build your effective measures adjusted to your local needs.

The checklists are divided into two target groups: Management and employee.

The checklists have been created to be customizable for your company. For example, you can insert your company logo and specific process steps may be added or removed to reflect your particular operations.

These enhancements will make it easy to create and copy forms that have the greatest value for your company.

Operation Clean Sweep® online manual:
Manual available in several language versions downloadable in PDF format

Download Italian version     

Management Checklists:
Site Audit Management
Facility Equipment
Implementation & Training
Employee Equipment

4 compressed .zip files

Employee Checklists
Processor Operations
Car Cleaning/Loading

5 compressed .zip files


flyerOSCPromotion flyer
4 pages PDF format 148mmX210mm



the Operation Clean Sweep® online English manual

the Operation Clean Sweep online english manual provide your company with tools to prevent pellet loss


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