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The 6 commitments
we ask your company to make

As a partner of the Operation Clean Sweep® programme you aim at zero pellet loss and your business commits to:

  1. Improve its worksite set-up to prevent and address spills;
  2. Create and publish internal procedures to achieve zero pellet loss goals;
  3. Provide employee training and accountability for spill prevention, containment, clean up and disposal;
  4. Audit its performance regularly;
  5. Comply with all applicable local and national regulations governing pellet containment;
  6. Encourage its partners (contractors, transporters, etc.) to pursue the same objectives.

Your benefits

By signing this commitment, your business has the option to benefit from the following services (from the launch of Operation Clean Sweep® throughout the process):

  • Inclusion in the Operation Clean Sweep® partners list, visible on this website;
  • Right to display the Operation Clean Sweep® logo in your communication;
  • Information display kit for site staff (upon request).

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