The Method

Commit to act efficiently based on priorities

A five-step programme

The Operation Clean Sweep® method was developed to enable you to implement the given guidelines within your business/site constraints.

You will be provided with the appropriate tools to manage the 5-step implementation programme suitable for your business environment.

  1. Commitment by your company
  2. Preliminary audit of your company
  3. Developing your action plan
  4. Engaging your employees
  5. Monitoring and evaluating the procedures

Systematising best practices

One of the most effective ways to improve pellet containment on your site is to identify areas where losses are more frequent and treat these areas.
It is up to you to select those procedures outlined in the manual that best apply to your business.

  • Monitor all transfer areas on your site
  • Identify key areas for leaks
  • Determine the causes of leaks in each zone
  • Look for ways to improve each problem
  • Implement the most simple and effective solution
  • Follow up to evaluate success
  • Repeat if necessary


the Operation Clean Sweep® online english manual

Operation Clean Sweep online english manual to download

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