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Involve each employee to prevent pellet loss 

As a first step, Operation Clean Sweep® will provide support to configure your industrial site to prevent pellet loss. It will then help you implement your company’s prevention plan, including containment and cleaning procedures to be developed in a five-step training programme. 


Plan your training programme 

Staff training is essential to ensure their involvement in the prevention of pellet loss. By following the recommendations in the Operation Clean Sweep® manual, you can easily 

  1. Assess your needs based on the prior diagnosis of your site; 
  2. Set goals for the training; 
  3. Determine the details and content of the training: Who? What? Where? When? How? 
  4. Plan and implement; 
  5. Appraise the participants after the training. 


Containing pellets on your production site 

Following the audit of your site, you will be able to customise the check list to your needs and add any missing procedure. 

  • Adapting the working environment 
  • Developing containment systems
  • Selecting appropriate employee equipment 
  • Developing recycling and disposal waste systems 
  • Reducing dust at the source 


Controlling the risk of dispersion at all stages 

There are several steps on the journey of pellets from production until their final conversion via a distribution network and losses to the environment can occur at any time. 

  • During bulk transport 
  • While loading the tank of a truck 
  • While filling and handling bags 
  • During pellet production (depending on the technology) 
  • During land transport (depending on equipment type) 

  • During maritime transportation

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